Sir Edmund Frank Crane
1886 - 1957

Life's Work
Edmund Crane, co-founder of the Hercules Cycle Company, was a man who started with no social or material advantages who, nevertheless, managed to change the face of the bicycle industry throughout the world.

In 1899, his father, Jack, who owned a small bicycle assembly business, was declared bankrupt.  With his mother Edith as proprietor, the family made a living until she too was bankrupted in 1910. 

It was left to Edmund, with the help of his younger brother Harry, to fend for his parents and three younger sisters.  Not only did he succeed beyond their wildest expectations, against very stiff competition, but he did so in a remarkably short span of time.  His finest hour was in the Depression of the 1930s, when Hercules produced and sold enormous volumes of bicycles that were strong, reliable and, above all, affordable.

Edmund Crane was knighted in 1935.
  On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Hercules, a celebration was also held at the factory. 

Sir Edmund Crane 1886 - 1957
Founder of Hercules Cycle Company
The World's largest Cycle business

"The manufacturing of this three millionth cycle is a marvellous achievement. The rise of The Hercules Company, from its humble beginnings twenty two years ago to its present magnitude, represents what must be regarded as one of the great romances of British industry.  The road by which the brothers Crane chose to travel was in giving the public the greatest possible value at the lowest possible expense, and that ideal they had carried right through with the utmost success."

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